Reika Hazama
Vital statistics
Title Kagemitsu Hazama's Wife
Gender Female
Race Japanese
Faction Unknown
Health Normal
Level Skilled with firearms
Status Alive
Location Unknown

Appearance Edit

She is a gorgeous woman black hair tied up in a bun with a red and yellow hairband with two bangs, framing her face with purple eyes. She wears long blue Chinese dress and red heels.

Personality Edit

Reika is a manipulator, greedy woman who swears revenge on Black Jack.

Background Edit

She appears in Black Jack 21, she is Black Jack's stepmother because she is married with his father. They got married after the death of Mio Hazama, Kagemitsu's first wife, who died in an explosion. After the explosion, Kagemitsu escapes with her to China and left orphaned Black Jack. Twenty-one years later, her husband calls Black Jack for a face surgery after being burned, Kagemitsu begs him to become the most beautiful woman in the world, and he operated her to look like Mio, his mother. Reika swears revenge.

Relationships Edit

She is married with Kagemitsu Hazama (Black Jack's father).