Mio Hazama is Black Jack's deceased mother and Kagemitsu Hazama's former wife. She passed away after the explosion incident.


Mio is a caring mother and she even willingly to donate some of her skin to Black Jack.


Mio and Black Jack are at the beach when her son went to investigate a mysterious, shiny looking object, half buried in the sand which reveals to be a bomb implanted by an evil gang. She and her son were badly injured due to the explosion and was rushed to a nearby hospital.

She loses all of her limbs and was slipped in a coma. Before she dies, she asks Black Jack to forgive his father for she knows the reason why her husband left them.


Mio was a beautiful women with shoulder length brown hair, long eyelashes, thin eyebrows, gray eyes. She wears a green long sleeve shirt, and a green knee length skirt. She also wore a gray necklace with a blue background color and a gray dove.




(From left) Mio Hazama, Kuroo Hazama(Black Jack), and Kagemitsu Hazama

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