Largo is a dog whom Black Jack and Pinoko adopted in the 2004 TV series.


Largo's most prevalent trait is her constant lethargic nature, hence her given name. However, she had a special ability to detect danger and will distract the person by taking his/her stuff and running away, leading them to chase Largo instead and escape danger. This ability is only noticed when Largo stole a valuable necklace from Black Jack and saved both Black Jack and Pinoko from being trapped inside their home during the earthquake.


Largo is a yellow and cream-colored dog of an indeterminate breed. She appears to be constantly sad and lackadaisical, although she will immediately become excited when spurned into action.

Trivia: Edit

Anime and Manga Differences: Edit

  • Largo stole an umbrella from a man in a construction work- site and then got hit with a moving truck in the manga while in the anime adaptation he stole a pochette from Pinoko and then got hit by a moving truck.
  • In the Anime, while Largo was returning the jewelry inside an earthquake occurred and the ceiling fell onto him but he was still alive and later adopted by Black Jack. In the manga, Largo died after getting hit by the falling ceiling.