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Introduction Edit

Black Jack's real name is Hazama Kuroo . Black Jack is the main character in the manga and anime. Even though he is an unlicensed surgeon, he is called to be a master surgeon. Many surgeons all over the world have asked him to perform surgeries. He asks for extremely high fees, and if the client is unable to pay, he won't do it but if the patient themself are poor and misearble , he will treat them for free of charge . despite being cold and rude but he shown many good-side as a loving father to pinoko or helping people no matter how wealthy they are

Instead of fighting with guns and bombs, he is skilled with fighting with fists. Since he was good at darts when he was young, he uses scapels instead of darts. in addition, he is an expert in diagnosed and treating many disease which make most doctor give up on first sight. he is described to be very skilled at surgery: capable to perform the most toughest emergency surgery in only 5 minutes and treating multiple patients by himself

Background Edit

as a child, black jack never lived a happy life as his father, kagemitsu hazama abandoned him and his mother for a woman and leaving with her to macau. he was soon filled with rage and hatress with his father .

about 21 years ago, Black Jack was on the beach with his mother. Suddenly a bomb exploded and left him in pieces. Luckily a master surgeon Honma Jotaro operated on him, due that there was no more fresh skin left, they had to use his friend Takashi's skin, that is why his face has two sets of different colour skin. Due to stress, his right side of his hair is white . even through he was alive, his mother died as she has lost most of her limb and organ

By having a path lead by Dr. Honma Jotaro, he became a genius surgeon himself. When he was working in a hospital, there was a patient dying, but the head surgeon said it was useless performing a surgery. Black Jack did a surgery himself secretly, even though it was a success, the head surgeon took away his license.

sometime after his graduation, he bought a remote cabin where he opened his clinic ,treating and diagnosed many disease. he soon began his plan to exact revenge on 5 worker who was responsible for his mother death. he had succed with 2 while the other is unknown

Black Jack explains the meaning behind both of his names: "Kuro" is written with the Japanese characters for "black" and "man;" as "Jack" is a common name for a man, he translates his name as "Black Jack."


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